Backstop Support

Sera provides senior-level backstop HR support for small to medium size business and not for profit organizations.

The Challenge

A not-for-profit entity with 150 employees and an HR department of one feels unsure when challenging employee situations arise. Based on the confidential and sometimes complex nature of issues, the lone HR leader has no knowledgeable, internal sounding board.

How Sera
Connected the Dots

Partnering with HR, Sera listened through the noise and gained situational awareness around the disconnect.
Sera built viable pathways for issue resolution and provided best practice ideas and marketplace perspective in balance with company-desired outcome.
Sera gained a holistic view, understood relevant facts, referenced applicable policy and past precedent, and applied knowledge of company culture.
Under company direction, Sera guided, trained, and supported HR through resolution implementation.

Positive Impact

Company benefited from external marketplace perspective and best practice ideas when finalizing employment decision.

Increased HR confidence level knowing Sera is a competent, active sounding board.

Reduced financial overhead by leveraging external senior-level HR support.

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