Sera uncovers unspoken needs then delivers tailor-made compensation solutions.

The Challenge

Multi-state industrial service company had an organically-grown compensation process that lacked structure, market relevance and consistency across positions and geographies. The paternalistic nature of the seventy-year old company emphasized “taking care” of its employees. Opposite than intended, employees developed a sense of entitlement through automatic annual pay increases. Under new leadership, the Company desires a correlation between individual and Company performance and annual merit increases.

How Sera
Connected the Dots

Sera opened communication channels to understand current compensation philosophy, practices and struggles, then refocused Executives to describe their future ideal. Recognizing the disconnect at the manager-leader level, Sera crafted a compensation strategy to include: market, industry, geographic and trend analyses, build-out of primary and secondary salary structure tools, evaluation of incumbent pay within structures, recommendations for future best-practice processes and initiatives, and delivery of meaningful training tailored to Leaders.

Positive Impact

Sera collaborated to create a cohesive compensation philosophy which provides clear operational direction and aligns with Company culture.

Market-relevant, competitive salary structure tools were created to fit Company wants and needs, as well as support business objectives.

Sera’s analysis identified internal pay inequities and excess geographical pay differences, but also provided go-forward cost containment strategies and solutions.

Leaders participated in customized training sessions which increased their functional understanding of compensation and the pay-for-performance relationship.

Leaders are now positioned to make confident and fiscally responsible compensation decisions which promote an equitable, fair and performance-driven environment.

Company culture is shifting forward as employees embrace the message that positive performance equals positive compensation.

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