Culture DNA

Sera listens through the noise to define and support culture enhancements.

The Challenge

A vendor Executive experienced difficulty effectively communicating with their Client’s designated Project Manager. Client relationship produced $85,000 in annual revenue. Executive responsible for client relationship and management of service delivery had difficulty approaching communications with the Project Manager assigned by their Client. The situational dynamics of the Client project team complicated conversations between the Project Manager and the Executive.

The Executive began to dread interactions and actually avoided essential conversations choosing to focus solely on the project team issues. Recognizing essential information was not being shared and the Client relationship was suffering, the Executive asked for help. The Executive’s company engaged Sera to support and coach its employee through the relationship challenge.

How Sera
Connected the Dots

Through a collaborative partnership, Sera worked with the Executive to understand the problem relationship subtleties and associated barriers.
A series of one-on-one individual Executive Coaching sessions filled with thought-provoking, personalized questions allowed the Executive to process thoughts and ideas.
Upon completion of Coaching, the Executive made personal shifts and committed to action plans towards the achievement of a successful relationship with the Client’s Project Manager.

Positive Impact

Through Coaching, Executive’s mindset and approach changed thereby allowing clear and accurate communication to more naturally flow between the Executive and the Client Project Manager.

The Client Project Manager was able to deliver results that were in line with organizational objectives and expectations, and the Executive was able to focus on other value added areas.

Company avoided a difficult Client situation. The Executive employee positively responded to Coaching and was able to successfully self-correct and repair the Client relationship.

Executive employee recognized, appreciated, and took advantage of the professional Coaching opportunity provided by her employer.

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