Process Engineering

Sera delivers insights and processes to effectively drive organizational-performance.

The Challenge

A growing, white collar management services firm lacked in-house expertise to develop an effective employee performance measurement process.

Highly successful regional firm with seasoned leadership needed to develop a quarterly performance review process that linked employee performance results to quarterly bonuses. Recent culture survey results also showed a desire among employees to have formal written performance evaluations. Company internally determined bonus payout metrics, but did not have confidence in the in-house knowledge base to buildout the wrap-around process, particularly related to the link between job competencies and performance measures. Without an existing process in place, the firm sought external guidance focused on best-practice recommendations with the goal to create a well-received, employee-centered process.

How Sera
Connected the Dots

Connecting with Senior Leadership, Sera quickly assimilated to the overall vision and project objectives.
We immersed ourselves in the firm to design a culture-centric framework and master communication plan.
The holistic business operation (i.e., payroll impact, manager scheduling, employee needs, etc.) was taken into account to ensure culture receptivity and success.
Strategic actions through planned, timely communications and tactical tools (competency based evaluation forms) were effectively vetted, approved and executed before the first quarter evaluation touchpoint.
Managers were trained on process steps and educated on the value of mentoring, coaching and worthwhile feedback.
Focus groups facilitated by Sera were held to measure, evaluate and refine the go-forward process.

Positive Impact

Sera deeply immersed, collaborated, trained, achieved objectives, then gradually exited when firm leadership achieved a level of confident self-sufficiency; Sera maintains support on an as needed basis.

Senior Leadership appreciated the collaboration, insight, expertise and execution provided by Sera bringing the firm’s vision to full clarity and realization.

The newly established performance feedback process provided the right link between objectives and bonus compensation, driving improved employee performance.

The process was well-received across all levels of the organization per focus group and informal responses.

The gap, identified by the employee culture survey, was successfully satisfied via the formal review process and was favorably received by employees.

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