Sera develops and delivers effective and sustainable recruitment solutions.

The Challenge

A health care start-up lacked recruiting infrastructure and expertise to achieve fully staffed operational units by company’s contractual go-live date.

Management of venture capital start-up, focused on operational process transition, needed to identify, hire and on-board talent-specific candidates for two operational units in neighboring northeast cities. Due to size and financial limitations, company did not have internal human resource expertise.

How Sera
Connected the Dots

Working with company CEO, CFO and COO Sera developed and implemented a culture-centric recruiting infrastructure to include:

An aggressive recruitment strategy
Detailed timeline and legally compliant recruiting process
Competitive compensation philosophy and city-specific market pricing
Background screening vendor selection
Customized tactical tools (job descriptions, interview questionnaires, employment application, offer letters, new hire forms, orientation presentation, etc.).

Positive Impact

The Company achieved its ambitious goal by attracting, hiring, and successfully onboarding the right employees by the defined deadline.

The company was viewed as an established employer rather than a start-up due to Sera’s coordinated processes and overall presentation.

Hiring managers noted the shortened time to productivity because of the quality of the new hires selected.

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