Consistently developing employee skills makes good business sense.

The Challenge

A privately held company recently acquired a smaller organization for a new line of business. With the acquisition came several newly promoted and inexperienced managers. Managers and leaders across the organization needed to level set their understanding and heighten their management skills for the combined culture to be immediately effective.

How Sera
Connected the Dots

Through our customized ELEVATE leader training, we conducted an in-depth workshop to enhance the knowledge level and management skills of the new leadership group. The leaders walked away with a greater understanding of:

Employment laws and their application

Supervisors’ responsibilities in mitigating risk to the organization
Employment life cycle phases (recruiting, onboarding, coaching, performance management, and separation)

  • Strategic recruiting and well-planned interviewing skills
  • Effective coaching and practical application of coaching techniques
  • Importance of factual documentation

Positive Impact

Participants were enlightened regarding corporate and personal legal liabilities.

Participants walked away with increased confidence and an eagerness to practice new skills.

Leaders became equipped to understand and better manage employee relation issues.

Over a six-month period, Human Resources and Senior Leadership recognized confident Leaders with heightened awareness of legal implications and more impactful employee interactions.

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