Consistently developing employee skills makes good business sense.

The Opportunity

Training is the best investment a company can make to increase job satisfaction and improve productivity.

Dividends Realized from Investments in Training

Your business runs better. Knowledgeable, trained employees understand the context of their role within the broader organization. They know what they need to do and how they need to do it, successfully.
Happy employees bring business value. Research shows that employees who receive training are more productive, have lower turnover rates, are more efficient and need less supervision. In a nut shell, a prepared employee is a happy employee.
Retention goes up. Talented, ambitious employees constantly look to expand their expertise and sharpen their skills. When an employer offers meaningful learning, development and advancement opportunities, employees experience personal and professional satisfaction. Studies also show employment tenure is extended.
Employees have renewed energy. Training creates opportunity to: 1) refresh employee loyalty, 2) demonstrate the company’s commitment to growing people, 3) build the employee knowledge base, and 4) highlight intangible company benefits. Based on statistics, an employer is more likely to attract and keep engaged employees if professional development opportunities are provided.
Risk is mitigated. Many legal problems stem from employees acting improperly, misunderstanding or disrespecting the laws, regulations, and policies that govern their day-to-day job responsibilities. Compliance training reduces risk exposure. In fact, documented training of management level employees strengthens an employer’s position when defending employment actions.

Cultivating and nurturing employees via high-impact training benefits the company and the individual, a 360° win!

Sera offers and builds powerful training courses tailored to align your company’s goals, objectives, needs and wants. Facilitated working sessions are also available. Sample course titles include but are not limited to:

Functional Courses
  • New Hire Orientation
  • What Exactly is Harassment?
  • Employee Handbook Explained
  • Customer Service Skills
Management Courses
  • HR Basics: Boot Camp
  • Interview Skills
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Performance Review Time – now what?
  • Train-the-Trainer tailored sessions
Culture Courses
  • Everything DiSC Workplace
  • Discipline without Punishment
  • Performance Engagement
  • Facilitated Focus Groups

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