HR Architecture

Sera builds the HR infrastructure you need, when you need it.

The Challenge

A privately-held company with 250 employees made a Vice President of Human Resources (VP of HR) leadership change.

Owners of a $38 million health care company with a human resource department of one found themselves in a position of dissatisfaction with their VP of HR. The company wanted to involuntarily separate the senior employee, but hesitated to move forward due to the potential negative impact on the business and their employees. Recognizing the value human resources brings, the owners needed help deciding the best course of action to solve their current and go forward HR dilemma.

How Sera
Connected the Dots

Confidentially and discreetly partnering with company owners, Sera listened, understood, and analyzed the situation.
A strategy to successfully exit the senior employee was then developed and accomplished.
For a defined period, the Sera support team filled the HR department void supporting executives, management and employees.
Under Sera’s interim leadership, improvements to the company’s HR infrastructure, including enhancements to the existing human resource information management (HRIM) system, were made.
Sera conducted a productive executive search for the VP replacement.

Positive Impact

Business owners successfully handled a difficult situation by working with a trusted business partner.

HR department and overall business benefited from senior-level HR support and external marketplace perspective.

A top-tier, best-fit VP of HR hire was made as firsthand insight around the company’s culture, needs and position requirements facilitated an efficient hiring process.

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